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The 244 Month Calendar is a solar calendar invented by Victor Engel with months of 1 or 2 days each.

Months alternate between having 1 and 2 days, for 161 months totalling 241 days, after which the cycle repeats.

A new year is marked every 244 months, forming a mean year length of 244*241/161 = 365.242236 days.

122 Month Calendar[]

Karl Palmen modified this calendar to produce a simpler alternative, which can be formed by pairing consecutive months of the 244 Month calendar into months of normally 3 days. Then ...

Each month has 3 days, except for every 161st month, which has 2 days. Each year has 122 months.

A common year of 365 days has one short month of 2 days, while a leap year of 366 days has no short month.