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The 348 Day Calendar has 12 months, all having exactly 29 days.

Moon cycle[]

At the first day of each month is a New Moon. It will be barely visible, then become a crescent. On the eighth day of each month, it will be a half moon. Then, on the 15th day, it will be a full moon. On the 22nd day, it will be a half moon again. This will continue until the 29th day when the moon is barely visible. Then, the next day after the 29th (or the 1st day of the next month), another new moon will start. Then the cycle starts all over again. On the 8th day it will be a half moon. On the 15th day it will be a full moon. On the 22nd day it will be a half moon. Then on the 29th day the moon is barely visible. And another new moon, etc.


There are 87 days (or 3 moon cycles) in a season in this calendar.


  1. Januaris - First month
  2. Februaris - Second month
  3. Martis - Third month
  4. Aprilis - Fourth month
  5. Magis - Fifth month
  6. Sixtis - Sixth month
  7. Seventis - Seventh month
  8. Eitis - Eighth month
  9. Setis - Ninth month
  10. Tentis - Tenth month
  11. Novatis - Eleventh month
  12. Decetis - Twelfth month


The closest multiple of 7 is 350. The 2nd closest multiple of 7 to 348 is 343. So there are around 49 to 50 weeks in this year.

Leap year[]

Every 4 years there is a leap year with 349 days to make it more closer to 350 (or exactly 50 weeks).

In the leap year, Decetis has 30 days.

In the leap year, there's an extra day that's not a New Moon yet, also known as Decetis 1.

Which means Decetis 2 is the New moon, Decetis 9 is a half moon, Decetis 16 is the full moon, Decetis 23 is the second half moon, and Decetis 30 is the last day before the first day of the year, and the New Moon.

We also have 349 days every 4 years so that we have an exact number of weeks, as 348.25 divided by 7 is 49.75 weeks.