Calendar Wiki

The 4 Handed Clock Calendar is a calendar shaped like a clock. It has 4 hands, second, minute, hour and day.

The 4 Handed Clock goes around starting from 1 until 365. If the day hand reaches 365, it means a year has passed, since a year is 365 days. And then, after that, the year changes. This means that the last two digits change from "-22" to "-23".

The day hand does not move until a day has passed. After this, the day hand points at 1. This means 1 day has passed. Before 1 day has passed, the day hand will be pointing at 0 or 365.

This clock is not always correct since it ignores the fact that leap years exist.

For example, if it was February 29, 2020 today, the clock might say it is March 1. The 366 hour does not appear on the clock during leap years, resulting in the clock being wrong.

On each number, there's a small number. This goes from 24 until 8760. Because, there are 24 hours in each day, and 8760 hours in each year. Since this is a 4 handed clock, there is no separate hand that counts years. You must use the day hand to count years, even if you have to wait 365 days for it to reach 365. There is also no separate hand for a month since only 4 spaces are allowed.

So, basically, the clock is wrong once every leap year.