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Twelve 4-week blocks (months): quadmesters, semesters or trimesters (Northern hemisphere)
Period Weeks Description Quart Season Trimester Semester Quadmester
W40/43 4 October Q4 Fall Fall, Michaelmas Winter Fall Fall Summer Fall Fall
W44/47 4 November Winter
W48/51 4 December Winter
W52/53 1–2 Christmas Winter break break break
W01/04 4 January Q1 Winter, Hilary Spring Winter
W05/08 4 February Spring
W09/12 4 March Spring
W13 1 Easter Spring break break break
W14/17 4 April Q2 Spring, Easter Summer Spring
W18/21 4 May Summer
W22/25 4 June Summer
W26 1 Pentecost Summer break break break
W27/30 4 July Q3 Summer, Trinity Fall Summer
W31/34 4 August Fall
W35/38 4 September Fall
W39 1 Michaelmas Fall break break break