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Dr. Irvin Bromberg of the Univerity of Toronto has developed two leap week calendars called the Symmetry010 Calendar and the Symmetry454 Calendar.  The Symmetry010 Calendar uses months with the lengths of 30-31-30–30-31-30–30-31-30–30-31-30/37(ly).  The Symmetry454 Calendar has months whose lengths are 28-35-28–28-35-28–28-35-28–28-35-28/35(ly).  But, he uses the names of the current months of the Gregorian Calendar for the names of the months in both Symmetry Calendars.  This can cause some confusion when trying to determine to which calendar the given date refers.        

To help alleviate this confusion, I propose the use of unique alternate month names for use in both of his Symmetry calendars.  The base of each name is derived from the corresponding Gregorian month name.  For months in the Symmetry010 Calendar, the endings indicate the position within each quarter, and the weekday which starts that month.  For the Symmetry454 Calendar, the endings indicate in which quarter the month occurs, and are derived from the endings used in the French Republican Calendar. (I must give credit to Karl Parlmen for suggesting these naming conventions).      

In Dr. Bromberg’s Kalendis program, either Symmetry calendar can be used with several different leap week rules.  In the interest of synchronizing the Symmetry Calendars with the ISO 8601 week dating system, I use the rule that adds the leap week in a year that has 53 ISO weeks.  Unique 3-letter abbreviations are in parentheses: 

Symmetry010 ISO Weekday Start  Symmetry454  ISO Weekday Start 
Janum   (Jam) 30 days  W01-1 Janose (Jao) 28 days  W01-1
Februm (Fbm)  31 days  W05-3 Febrose (Fbo) 35 days  W05-1
Marcha (Mra) 30 days  W09-6 Marchose (Mro) 28 days  W10-1 
Aprilum (Apm) 30 days  W14-1 Aprial (Apl) 28 days W14-1
Mayum (Mym) 31 days  W18-3 Mayal (Myl) 35 days W18-1
Juna (Jna) 30 days  W22-6 Junal (Jnl) 28 days W23-1 
Julum (Jlm) 30 days W27-1 Julidor (Jld) 28 days  W27-1
Augustum (Aum) 31 days  W31-3 Augidor (Aud) 35 days W31-1
Septa (Spa) 30 days W35-6 Septidor (Spd) 28 days  W36-1 
Octum (Ocm) 30 days  W40-1 Octaire (Ocr) 28 days  W40-1
Novum (Nvm) 31 days  W44-3 Novaire (Nvr) 35 days  W44-1
Deca (Dca) 30/37 days W48-6 Decaire (Dcr) 28/35 days  W49-1 

-Walter Ziobro 


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