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The Amended Julian Worldwide Calendar is a suggestion for improving the accuracy of the Gregorian calendar by switching to a modified Julian calendar or by altering the leap year rules of the Gregorian calendar.

Boris S. Verkhovsky of the Computer Science Department at New Jersey Institute of Technology argues that there will be a three-day discrepancy of the Gregorian calendar in 10,000 years compared with an average astronomical year of 365.24219 days.

To increase the accuracy he suggests either

  1. the use of the Julian Calendar, but with every 128th year not a leap year or
  2. the use of the Gregorian calendar, but with every 3200th year not a leap year.

Both suggestions give a mean year of 365.2421875 days, but neither has a whole number of weeks per cycle.


  • Amended Julian Worldwide Calendar / Boris S. Verkhovsky. PDF, 6 p, 45 kB. Excerpts of this paper were published in: Annals of European Academy of Sciences, 2003, 334-338.