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Anno Scribere (in the Year of Writing) is a calendar era where year 0 is placed at 3201 BC, near the invention of Cuneiform, the earliest known script. It was created to be used as an alternative to the Julian and Gregorian calendars' eras of Before Christ / Anno Domini, also known as the Common Era. The calendar's secondary aim as an alternative to the Holocene calendar—which places 10000 BC as its first year—is to delay the prevalence of 5 digit years, which are cumbersome to pronounce.

Non-presice years before 1 AD that end with zero should always end with a zero or zeroes in AS (e.g. c. 2500 AS / 700 BC). Years before 0 AS are to use the denomination Ante Recordum "before the record" (AR) (e.g. 441 AR).

Gregorian Year (BC/AD) Gregorian Year (AS) Event
3201 BC 0 AS 1st millennium begins
3200 BC 0 AS Cuneiform develops as the oldest known script
3150 BC 50 AS Unification of Lower and Upper Egypt
2250 BC 950 AS Beginning of the Meghalayan age, the current and latest of the three stages in the Holocene era
2201 BC 1000 AS 2nd millennium begins
2070 BC 1130 AS The beginning of the Xia dynasty according to traditional Chinese histriography
1894 BC 1307 AS Babylon is founded
1201 BC 2000 AS 3rd Millennium begins
1200–1150 BC 2000–2050 AS Late Bronze Age collapse
1194–1184 BC 2007–2017 AS Traditional dates of the Trojan War
776 BC 2425 AS The first Olympic Games are held in Olympia, Greece.
753 BC 2448 AS Rome is founded
332 BC 2869 AS Egypt is conquered by Macedonia
201 BC 3000 AS 4th millennium begins
44 BC 3157 AS Assassination of Julius Caeser
AD 1 3201 AS Beginning of the Common Era and Anno Domini, from the estimate by Dionysius of the Incarnation of Jesus
AD 450–800 3650–4000 AS Settlement of Britain by Anglo-Saxons
AD 476 3676 AS Fall of the Western Roman Empire, signalling the beginning of the Middle Ages
AD 793–1066 3993–4266 AS Viking Age
AD 800 4000 AS 5th millennium begins
AD 1453 4653 AS Fall of Constantinople
AD 1492 4692 AS End of Reconquista / Beginning of the Colonial Era in America
AD 1526 4726 AS Start of the Mughal Empire
AD 1776 4976 AS The United States of America declares independence from Great Britain
AD 1800 5000 AS 6th millenium begins
AD 1803–1815 5003–5015 AS Napoleonic Wars
AD 1914–1918 5114–5118 AS World War I
AD 1939–1945 5139–5145 AS World War II
AD 1969 5169 AS Neil Armstrong becomes the first man to walk on the Moon
AD 1989 5189 AS The World Wide Web is invented
AD 2001 5201 AS September 11th attacks
AD 2020 5220 AS The COVID-19 pandemic spread around the world, leading to socioeconomic disruption.
AD 6800 10000 AS