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Boishakh (Bengali: বৈশাখ Bôishakh) is the first month in the Bengali Calendar.[1]

The name of the month is derived from the position of the Sun near the star বিশাখা Bishakha.[2] The first day of Boishakh is celebrated as the Pôhela Bôishakh or Bengali New Year's Day. The day is observed with cultural programs, festivals and carnivals all around the country. The day of is also the beginning of all business activities in Bangladesh and neighboring Indian state of West Bengal. The traders starts new fiscal account book called হালখাতা Halkhata.[3][4] The accounting in the Halkhata begins only after this day. It is celebrated with sweets and gifts with customers.[3]

The month of Boishakh also marks the official start of Summer. The month is notorious for the afternoon storms called Kalboishakhi (Nor'wester).[5] The storms usually start with strong gusts from the north-western direction at the end of a hot day and cause widespread destruction.[6][7]

Boishakh is the month when many of the seasonal fruits, especially mango and jackfruit become available.