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Bucksfanian astrology was alive and well even before the Kingdom of Bucksfan was born on the Internet on 17 November 2001.[1] This happened because Bucksfanian astrology was an accidental offshoot of the Cesidian calendar.


Bucksfanian astrology wheel

The Cesidian calendar is a novel creation of Kaisiris Tallini, aka Cesidio Tallini. As a calendar, the Cesidian calendar is quite different from the Gregorian calendar, which is the calendar currently used throughout the world.

For starters, the Cesidian calendar has 14 months, not 12 like the Gregorian calendar. Then there are other differences which when taken together, make the Cesidian calendar the most perfect calendar in existence!

One day Kaisiris Tallini came up with this idea: why not create an astrology similar to the Cesidian calendar as a concept, that is, not based on 12 Signs and Houses, as with Hellenistic and other astrologies around the world — Chinese, Indian, and Tibetan astrology are also based on 12 Signs —, but based on 14 Signs and Houses! As a start, he placed the Sign of Aries where it begins in the Hellenistic zodiac (the vernal equinox), and began pinpointing the starting point of following 13 Signs, two of which were added in order to have a total of 14 Signs of the zodiac (Bucksfanian zodiac): Taurus, Orion, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Ophiuchus, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

Kaisiris Tallini positioned the start of the Bucksfanian zodiac, its Sign of Aries, and its first House with the vernal equinox, and then sequentially placed the next 13 Signs and Houses approximately every 26 days. It was when he did this that he made this startling discovery: in a 14-Sign, tropical astrology system, the beginning of the Sign of Capricorn falls exactly on New Year's Day!

The interesting thing about the Bucksfanian zodiac is that the astrology based on it shares a great deal in common with Hellenistic — or Babylonian — astrology. For instance, there are still 4 Cardinal Signs and Houses, but while the Signs under which they fall are the same (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn), the Houses are not the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th Houses anymore (I, IV, VII, and X), but the 1st, 5th, 8th, and 12th Houses (I, V, VIII, and XII).

Another interesting thing to note is that Bucksfanian astrology shares 12 Signs and Houses with Hellenistic astrology, but also two additional Signs and Houses: the Sign of Orion, and the Sign of Ophiuchus, which represent the opposite 3rd and 10th Houses respectively. These two new Signs/Houses create additional characteristics which are not out of tune with Hellenistic astrology. The Bucksfanian zodiac is shown below. Now you can truly say that this is indeed... "the dawning of the Age of Aquarius"! Dates below are in "day.month" format:

Bucksfanian Zodiac
Month House Field Zodiac Sign Domicile Begins Ends
A XII Career Capricorn Saturn 01.01 26.01
B 13 Friends Aquarius Uranus 27.01 21.02
C 14 Secrets Pisces Neptune 22.02 19.03
D I Ego Aries Mars 20.03 14.04
E 2 Money Taurus Ceres 15.04 10.05
F 3 Hunting Orion Pallas [2] 11.05 05.06
G 4 Communication Gemini Mercury 06.06 01.07
H V Home Cancer Moon 02.07 27.07
I 6 Children Leo Sun 28.07 22.08
J 7 Health Virgo Vesta [3] 23.08 17.09
K VIII Partners Libra Venus 18.09 13.10
L 9 Sex Scorpio Pluto 14.10 08.11
M 10 Medicine Ophiuchus Chiron 09.11 04.12
N 11 High Culture Sagittarius Jupiter 05.12 31.12

Symbols of Bucksfanian only Signs and rulers[]

It should be noted that Bucksfanian astrologers do not use the same astrological symbols as Hellenistic sidereal astrologers, because Bucksfanian astrology is a tropical, not a sidereal astrology at all, and despite the displeasure of some Hellenistic tropical astrologers at the 14-Sign paradigm, instead of the common 12-Sign paradigm, the truth is that Bucksfanian astrology also follows its own harmonic rules, so it has a dignity in its own right. This discovery, in fact, showed conclusive evidence that the 150-degree aspect in Hellenistic astrology, or the quincunx/inconjunct aspect, is actually not a "negative" aspect at all, and you don't even see why unless you shift to a 14-Sign paradigm!

The symbols of Bucksfanian only Signs and rulers follow below.

House Field Bucksfanian Sign symbol Ruler Symbol
XII Career Capricorn χ Saturn Χ
13 Friends Aquarius δ Uranus Δ
14 Secrets Pisces ψ Neptune Ψ
I Ego Aries γ Mars Γ
2 Money Taurus τ Ceres Τ
3 Hunting Orion ω Pallas Ω
4 Communication Gemini μ Mercury Μ
V Home Cancer λ Moon Λ
6 Children Leo θ Sun Θ
7 Health Virgo υ Vesta Υ
VIII Partners Libra π Venus Π
9 Sex Scorpio ρ Pluto Ρ
10 Medicine Ophiuchus α Chiron Α
11 High Culture Sagittarius φ Jupiter Φ

Other symbols in Bucksfanian astrology[]

Other symbols in Bucksfanian astrology are concerned with Cesidian law unions, and follow below. These Cesidian law unions are also known as:

  • Stirpesation, Marriage, or family-forming unions (Vulgar/Plutocratic unions);
  • Gentilisation, Ordination, or clan-forming unions (Neoaristocratic union);
  • Curialisation, Consecration, or congregation-forming unions (Neoecclesiastic unions).
Type of
Symbol Minor
Vulgar/Plutocratic Sex Procreation Ops Ο 2736
Neoaristocratic Emancipation Partnerships Minerva Η 93
Neoecclesiastic Service Higher Ed. Juno Σ 3

Relationships between Cesidian law unions, and Roman law unions, and astrology follow below.

Type of
Type of
Symbol Minor
Stirpesation Usus Libra Ops Ο 2736
Gentilisation Coemptio Sagittarius Minerva Η 93
Curialisation Confarreatio Aquarius Juno Σ 3

Hellenistic and Bucksfanian astrological ages[]

My take on the "Age of Aquarius" follows in the table below, which shows there are actually two "Ages of Aquarius", the Hellenistic and the Bucksfanian one. The Hellenistic "Age of Aquarius" seems to have started a political, linguistic, and legal revolution, or the Cesidian revolution (04.02.2021 – Ω), while the Bucksfanian "Age of Aquarius" seems to have started the "scientific revolution", especially after the first edition of Newton's 1687 Principia.

Hellenistic age Common Era year Bucksfanian age[4] Common Era year
Sagittarius 6295.997185 Sagittarius 5375.071711
Capricorn 4147.171081 Capricorn 3533.220765
Aquarius 1998.344977[5] Aquarius 1691.369819[6]
Pisces –151.4811277 Pisces –151.4811277
Aries –2300.307232 Aries –1993.332074
Taurus –4449.133336 Taurus –3835.18302
Gemini –6597.95944 Orion –5677.033967
Cancer –8746.785544 Gemini –7518.884913
Leo –10895.61165 Cancer –9360.735859


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  1. A certain dated printout popped up, which showed evidence that Bucksfanian astrology, as seen here, was created on 22 May 2001 (12 Fleming 2001 according to the Cesidian calendar). So Bucksfanian astrology was born under the Sign of... Orion!
  2. Alternatively, Sedna has been suggested as ruler of Orion.
  3. Alternatively, Pallas has been suggested as ruler of Virgo.
  4. Hellenistic ages follow the traditional 12-Sign pattern. Bucksfanian ages, on the other hand, follow the Bucksfanian astrology's tropical, not sidereal, 14-Sign pattern, and thus also include the Signs of Orion and Ophiuchus.
  5. The year 1998.344977 corresponds to the date of 7 May 1998 in the Gregorian calendar.
  6. The year 1691.369819 corresponds to the date of 15 May 1691 in the Gregorian calendar. The Bucksfanian "Age of Aquarius", seems to have started just after the first edition of Newton's 1687 Principia. After annotating and correcting his personal copy of the first edition, Newton published a second edition in 1713 with errors of the 1687 edition corrected, and an improved version in 1726. In 1747, the French mathematician Alexis Clairaut wrote that "Newton was said in his own life to have created a revolution".