Calendar Wiki

In creating new articles for this wiki, some guidelines should be observed. Note that since the wiki had been around for years prior to its resuscitation in March 2012, not all articles have been created in full compliance with the guidelines; one of the tasks that has been set by the lead administrator to himself is the revision of old articles to conform.

  1. Copying of articles from Wikipedia is permitted, but it is important to note that Wikipedia must be acknowledged by putting {{Wikipedia|page name}} (where page name is the page name on Wikipedia, not the name on this wiki if they differ) at the top of the article. There is some variation on Wikia in that on some wikis the notice goes on the bottom and on others it is at the top; the lead administrator got accustomed to the top placement on wikis with which he was involved years ago, so it looks better to him, and all articles are gradually being converted to be consistent.
  2. Copying from other sources is permitted only if this causes no copyright violation. This means that if the source has been released into the public domain, or if it is Creative Commons licensed (which all Wikia wikis are), it is permitted. However, copying from randomly chosen Web sites is normally not. When articles are copied from Wikipedia or other wikis, it is absolutely required to fix up the links as described below.
  3. Creators of calendar proposals are not only permitted, but encouraged, to describe them on this wiki. This is one way in which the Calendar Wiki differs from Wikipedia. There is no ban on "original research."
  4. Linking to Wikipedia pages should be done by writing {{WPlink|page name}} or {{WPlink|page name|displayed text}}. You should not link to it as an external link ([ displayed text]), as some do, nor should you keep the link as it was on Wikipedia ([[page name]] or [[page name|displayed text]]) which will cause red links that will not be relieved. The exception is when the page page name exists as well on this Wiki, and then the [[page name]] or [[page name|displayed text]] links are perfectly acceptable, as the link will then go to them. If the page does not exist, but you intend to create it, you can put the link in the form {{Directed link|page name}} or {{Directed link|page name|displayed text}}. This creates a link that will go to Wikipedia until the appropriate page is available on this wiki, and from that time on, the link will go to that page.
  5. Linking to pages on other Wikia wikis is also possible, and this should be done by writing {{Wikialink|wiki name|page name}} or {{Wikialink|wiki-name|page name|displayed text}}. In this case, wiki-name should be the short form appearing in the URL: it is expected that the URL is in this case.
  6. Other links to Web pages should use [http://whatever-the-URL-is displayed text]; note that, unlike links within this wiki, only a single set of brackets is used, and a space (rather than a pipe character) separates the link from the displayed text.

Older articles, created prior to March 2012 by then-active editors, may not be in full conformity with these guidelines, but the lead administrator is in the process of converting them as he finds them.