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In the Fixed Festivity Week Calendar, after each quarter there is a full holiday week dedicated to several festivities, some of which are based on the European mix of Christian and older traditions, others are purely secular. Nations may move the holiday week from after the last month of a quarter to before any of the three months; this should happen for all quarters in the same way. Employees do not get paid holidays in any other week.

The date format is Q-M-W-D, with the holiday week having the quarter and month number zero: 0-0-W-D, which may be shortened to 0-H-D, e.g. the leap week then is 0-5.

Fixed Festivity Week Calendar (3:1 variant)
Period Duration Month Info
W01–W04 4W 1-1 January North Winter
South Summer
W05–W08 4W 1-2 February
W09–W12 4W 1-3 March
W13 1W 0-1 Easter DST: ±0
W14–W17 4W 2-1 April North Spring
South Autumn
W18–W21 4W 2-2 May
W22–W25 4W 2-3 June
W26 1W 0-2 Community DST: +1
W27–W30 4W 3-1 July North Summer
South Winter
W31–W34 4W 3-2 August
W35–W38 4W 3-3 September
W39 1W 0-3 Thanksgiving DST: ±0
W40–W43 4W 4-1 October North Autumn
South Spring
W44–W47 4W 4-2 November
W48–W51 4W 4-3 December
W52–W53 1–2W 0-4 Christmas DST: −1
Days of the holiday weeks (add “Day”)
Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Easter Shrove Carnival Lent Valentine Good Holy Easter
Community Summer Labor Ascension Region/Ruler Nation Continent World
Thanksgiving Harvest Peace Mother’s Father’s Halloween Saints/Hallows Dead/Souls
Christmas Winter Advent Nicholas Christmas Boxing Epiphany Sylvester