Calendar Wiki

Template examples[]

  • Symmetry454 Calendar:
    • Q-</4>-</3>-</4:5:4/*>-</7> – the asterisk automatically is seven days, i.e. a week long
    • Q-</4>-</3>-</28:35:28/*7>
    • W-</12>-</4:5:4/*>-</7> – since twelve items are needed, but the pattern only contains three, it is repeated four times
    • W-</12>-</28:35:28/*7>
  • Symmetry010 Calendar:
    • W-</12>-</30:31:30/*7>
    • Q-</4>-</3>-</30:31:30/*7> – Should this work or does it put a leap week at the end of every quarter?
  • World Season Calendar:
    • S-</4>-</91@7:91*@0:91@7:91+@0>
    • wrong: S-</4>-</13:13*:13:13+>-</7@7> – This way the second and fourth seasons had leap or extra weeks not days.
  • World Calendar:
    • -</12>-</31:30:30/+*> – Simple form, but imprecise.
    • -</12:1>-</31@7:30:30/+@0*@0> – More verbose form with the first month (and the week) made to start Sunday, intercalary days and leap days made special ‘@0’, which they are not by default.
    • wrong:-</12+*>-</31:30:30> – That would place an intercalary month and leap month after the twelfth, and both would have 31 days.
  • Pax Calendar:
    • W-</14>-</4:4:4:4:4:4:4:4:4:4:4:*:4>-</7@7> – Note how the leap week called “Pax” gets a month of its own and how it makes the pattern more complicated. The week starts Sunday ‘@7’.
    • W-</12:*:1>-</4/1/4>-</7@7> – Alternate, shorter form
  • International Fixed Calendar:
    • -</15>-</28@7:28:28:28:28:28:+:28@7:28:28:28:28:28:28:*> – Note how you cannot simply use 4 weeks, because of the leap day and the intercalary day which do not belong to any month. Weeks begin on Sunday, hence “/@7”, which also turns the two special days into virtual Sundays.
    • -</6:+:7:*>-</4/1/4/1>-</7@7/1@0/7@7/1@0> – Alternate, shorter form with special days made special ‘0’.
  • 30x11 Calendar:
    • -</11:1>-</30/35*>
  • New Earth Calendar:
    • W-</13>-</4/*>-</7> – shortest, but slightly incorrect form
    • W-</12:1>-</28/28*7>
  • Gregorian Calendar:
    • -</12>-</31:28*:31:30:31:30:31:31:30:31:30:31> – Note how the leap day belongs to February. Nothing is said about the week.
    • -</2:5:5>-</31:28*/31:30/31:30> – unconvential, but shorter variant.

Once a convention has been established, the lengths of the subdivisions may be left out.