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The Persian Leap Year

Jaktober is a name created for the last month of a 13-month calendar proposal created by Jack Wagner. The Jaktober Calendar also makes other changes in order to better craft the concept.

Each year begins on the nominal winter solstice, allowing the seasons to be perfect quarters of the year. New Years Day is written as: 0/0.

The Dee or Persian leap cycle is used to keep the solstice on the same day every year, i.e. 8 leap days every 33 years. The Leap Day is written as: 0/1.

The week is started on Monday, with Saturday and Sunday being the weekend. All 13 months have exactly 4 weeks of 7 days each, i.e. 28 days. New Year’s Day and Leap Day have no day of the week and are not considered to be part of any month.

Other than that, the calendar remains unchanged, and open for editing/customization.

Since it was intended to be a successor to the Mayan calendar, it was proposed to begin after the winter solstice of 2012, beginning a new “Age” at year 1 instead of 2013. Years before the New Age would be written as Antes Maya or A.M. (as in the “Morning” or waking of Mankind) and the years going forward would be written as Post Mayan or P.M. (as in the “Day” or conciousness of Mankind).