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The Julian Olympiad Calendar is a simple, minimal calendar to convert Julian Days to a more convenient and comprehensible form.  The basic period is the Julian Olympiad which invariably has 1,461 days (365.25 x 4).

To find the Julian Olympiad Date, divide any Julian Day or Date by 1461.  The integer of the quotient that results is the Julian Olympiad.  The remainder, or the decimal portion of the quotient times 1461 gives the date of the Olympiad.

For instance, May 1, 2019 CE/AD is Julian Date 2458604.5. Dividing by 1,461 gives the result 1,682.8231.  The Julian Olympiad would be 1,682.  0.8231 x 1461 = 1202.5491, which would indicate that it is the 1,202 day of the 1,682 Olympiad.  This could be represented as OJ 1682:1202.

A Julian Day, as currently used,  begins at noon (12:00) UTC. This is the same moment as midnight at UTC -12, which is the Baker Howland Standard Time Zone, and also corresponds to Anywhere On Earth (AoE) time.