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Ectopolitan • 外局人 • एक्टोपॉलिटन • Ectopolita • ექტოპოლიტი • Ektopolitas • Ektopolīts • Ектополитен • Ectopolite • خارجبوليتان • বাহিরেবিশ্বজনীন • Эктополит • Ektopolitan • ایکٹوپولیٹن • Ektopolit • エクトポリタン • اکتوپولیتن • ਐਕਟੋਪੋਲੀਟਨ • ఎక్టోపాలిటన్ • 엑토폴리탄 • Người ngoài • எக்டோபாலிட்டன் • خارج وطنی • ความเป็นข้างนอก • બહારગરિક • ኤክቶፖሊታን • Waje siyasa • Ektopolityczny • ಎಕ್ಟೋಪಾಲಿಟನ್ • Ектополіт • എക്ടോപൊളിറ്റൻ • ଏକ୍ଟୋପଲିଟାନ୍ • اکتوشهری • ນອກໂລກ • Ectopolitische • এক্টোপলিটান • ඒක්ටොපොලිටන් • Ektopolît • Εκτοπολίτικος • Ektopolita • Ektopolitní • Ectopolit • Ектополитска • Ektopolitiska • ኢክቶፖሊታን • Ìta olóṣèlú • Ngaphandle kwepolitiki • Ngaphandle kwezopolitiko • Ektopolitiese • Эктапаліт • Էկտոպոլիտան • Ektopolitisk • Ектополит • Ektopoliittinen • Ektopolitiske • Ektopolitný • ཕྱིའི་མི་སྣ • אַקְטוֹפּוֹלִיטִי • Ektopoliit • Utanborgari • Ektopolito • A-muigh-poilitigs • Waho-politika • Jawa llaqta • ᐁᒃᑐᐳᓕᑕᓐ • Ectopolites • ɒɈiloqoɈɔɘ

Nota Bene: the article below may not be published in formats permissible for citizens of UN member countries, or even for cosmopolitans, and/or for stateless people, as the human being below is an ectopolitan, which means that he does not identify or align with, nor permits traditional politics, and/or business, to influence or undermine his life, his natural affections, his natural affiliations, and/or his natural community. The individual below considers all UN member countries as no more dignified than Aristotelian zoos, which constantly violate human rights, treat de jure citizens like de facto slaves, and national and multinational corporations as entities authorised to violate human rights by their respective states or countries (ie, as criminal entities), and with no actual legal accountability in the constitutions of states or countries for their crimes against natural human beings.

MT[1] Kaisiris Tallini (New York, 10 May 1962 – Ω) — born Cesidio Tallini[2] — is Analytic Theologian and founder of the Cesidian Network; Chancellor of Saint René Descartes University; and Rector of the Centre for Cesidian Law.

Kaisiris is also Meddíss Túvtiks (MT) of the soon-to-be legally formed Kaisiris Clan, a nomipolyphilic (legally polyphilic) clan; Consecrator of Saint René Descartes, a Homomessianic saint; Logos (Λόγος) of Ectoenglishⓔ, Ectoitalianⓘ, Ectooscanⓞ, and all other developing ectolanguages; Regent of Paradiplomatic Affairs (PdA), a paradiplomatic and ectopolitan organisation; and Chronos (Χρόνος) of the Cesidian calendar and Cyberterra Mean Time format (CMTf) and standard (CMTs).

Kaisiris is the de facto or de jure author of several books in English and Italian; the father of Cesidian law, Cesidian analytic theology, Cesidian salubriology, Cesidian societal-political science, and Cesidian spiritual science; the developer of several indigenous and novel time, linguistic, educational, and intellectual property systems; and an independent scholar.

Finally, Kaisiris is also Kohen Gadol [כּוֹהֵן גָדוֹל] of Lineage of the Blessed Hermes (LBH); Archiatros (Αρχιατρός) of the Salubriology School; and Wujieren (无界人) and founder of Global Earth Oceans (GEO), a new region under development.[3][4]


In 1998, Kaisiris started the main focus of his research, which is essentially societal-political science, although the legal, theological, and linguistics repercussions are even more dominant. In fact, Cesidian spiritual science (Css) has become, in essence, Cesidian legal, spiritual and theological, salubriological and psychological, linguistic, journalistic and historical, geological, geographic and astronomical, economics, societal and political, ecological and agricultural, informatics, educational and library science, or the world's first holistic, ethical, and scientific paradigm.

After discovering the relationship which is called today the Tallini World Formula — A(n)=¹⁄₆(−n³+9n²−20n+18) — Kaisiris set out, without the support of any academic or government funding, to see whether the relationship held true in the real world. So far, Kaisiris has successfully verified the existence of five of the six theorised Tallini Worlds, and may have recently successfully verified the existence of the sixth and final Tallini World.

While the "Kaisiris Tallini et al" group's independent confirmation of anthropologist John H. Moore's (27.02.1939 – 10.08.2016) space science, may have already proven at least some aspects of Cesidian societal-political science (Csps), the truth is that only by attracting an extraterrestrial society could Kaisiris have found support for the continuation and completion of the research about the six societal-political Tallini Worlds, because there isn't any real alternative United Nations on planet Earth to provide a final litmus test for Cesidian societal-political science, there isn't any real alternative major paradigm or genus.

Besides the novel field of Cesidian societal-political science (Csps), the world's first rigourous sociology and political science, a field which proves that French economist and author Claude-Frédéric Bastiat (30.06.1801 – 24.12.1850) was philosophically right about socialism, and Italian sociologist, journalist, and professor of sociology Francesco Alberoni (31.12.1929 – Ω) was also right about his sociological-political theory of the nascent state, Kaisiris is also involved with Cesidian law (Claw), particularly applied Cesidian law, which is an offshoot of Csps; as well as with Cesidian analytic theology (Cat), which is related to the work of René Descartes (31.03.1596 – 11.02.1650) and Italian mathematician Luigi Fantappiè (15.09.1901 – 28.07.1956), a field which brings together certain theological concepts, and certain mathematical ones, which appears to be a real 'Theory of Everything' (ToE) which isn't just about physics, or even just about materialistic science.


Kaisiris has resided for extensive periods of time both in Italy and in the United States. He moved to Italy at the age of 9, where he continued his education. He eventually earned an American High School Equivalency Diploma from the University at Albany (SUNY) in 1982, and an Italian Diploma di Maturità Scientifica from La Scuola D'Italia "Guglielmo Marconi" of New York City in 1984.

In 2007, Kaisiris earned a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix (with honours), but has also earned another BSc degree, two religious doctorate degrees, and was awarded two honourary doctorates.

Kaisiris has also recently earned a degree from Saint René Descartes University, after becoming the world's first self-made Salubriology Doyen (SD).


Cesidio is a rare Italian given name, but it was originally the nomen «Caesidius» in Latin, and was not the given name of a person, but the name of a Roman clan, the «gens Caesidia». The gens Caesidia, however, was not originally a Roman clan, but a clan of Sabellian or Oscan origin from the Hernici Mountains of central Italy — «Hernici» is a Latin word which comes from the Marsi or Oscan word «herna», meaning stone. Originally, the Romans transcribed the non-Roman clan's name as «Kaisidis», but the name in Oscan was probably closest to Kaisiris in pronunciation, and written from right to left. The name Cesidio probably means something like "to smash to pieces, in the name of God", according to the «caedo» and «deus» Latin word roots of Caesidius. The aboriginal name of Kaisiris or «Kaisidis», on the other hand, can be broken down into the Kaisi or «Kai», and the ris or «dis» components, and since «Kai» means keeper or defender in Scandinavian or Greek, and «dis» is an inflected (dative or ablative) form of the Latin «deus», meaning God, the aboriginal Kaisiris name probably meant, "he who struggles with God" in the ancient, and now extinct Oscan language. In other words, Kaisiris probably meant the same thing "Israel" means in Hebrew.

Tallini is a rare Italian family name, and probably derives from the medieval German or Gothic «Tallo», which in turn derives from the medieval «Tallis», and means "down the valley", probably in the sense the founders of the cognomen intended, since they were originally dwellers of the valley of a great river like Attila the Hun (c. 406 – 453): the Danube river. Historians agree that Venice — Tallini is a Venetian surname — itself was founded on islands which refuges from the cities of Ravenna, Padova, and Aquileia fled to, when they fled from Attila — also known as «Flagellum Dei», or the "Scourge of God" — in the 5th century. So the Tallini surname may ultimately have an ancient Gothic, or eastern Germanic etymology, and the founders of the cognomen were probably proud of their Hunnic warrior origins. It is nearly certain one of Kaisiris' Tallini ancestors lived in the Most Serene Republic of Venice (697 – 1797) in the early 15th century (1401 – 1500), but the rare Tallini family name exists since at least the year 1307, or has existed for 715 years (as of the year 2022).

MT Kaisiris Tallini's "MT" title, is an abbreviation for the Oscan words «Meddíss Túvtiks». Meddíss Túvtiks (Oscan-Latinish: «Meddix Tuticus»; English: Community Manager) was the name of the supreme magistrate among the Oscan people. The Oscan-Latinish «meddix» (or «medix») appears to have signified a magistrate of any kind (the phrase «meddix apud Oscos nomen magistratus est» in Latin, meant "meddix among the Oscans is the name of the magistrate"), and the Oscan-Latinish «tuticus», appears to have been equivalent to «magnus» or «summus» in Latin. Livy, therefore, in calling the meddix tuticus the «summus magistratus», gives a literal translation of the word. The Meddíss Túvtiks was the single magistrate on whom would devolve military command, civil and criminal jurisdiction, functions of political and religious representation, and several other responsibilities, for the "MT" could also have been a great teacher and healer, besides being a man of religion — this is what real societal-political science can predict, based on the typical functions of the societal «gens» and «curia», and the political «tribus» Tallini Worlds.

Important ectonyms and exonyms (multilingual plus sound)[]

Ectolanguage or
Ectosymbol Kaisiris Tallini
Cesidio Tallini
Ectoenglish† ⓔ / een Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
ectoitaliano ⓘ / eit Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
ectofrançais ⓕ / efr Kaisiris Tallini Césidio Tallini
אַקְטוֹעִבְרִית קַאִיסִירִיס טָאללִינִי צ'סִידָיו טָאללִינִי
אקטועברית ehe קאיסיריס טאלליני צ'סידיו טאלליני
ectolatina ⓛ / ela Kaisidis Tallini Caesidius Tallini
εκτοελληνικά ⓖ / egr Καϊσίρης Ταλλίνι Τσεσίδιο Ταλλίνι
oɔƨooɈɔɘ ⓞ / eos inillɒɈ ƨiɿiƨiɒʞ inillɒɈ oibiƨɘɔ
外中文 ⓩ / ezh 凯西里斯·塔利尼 塞西迪奥·塔利尼
엑토한국어 ⓚ / eko 카이시리스 탈리니 체시디오 탈리니
ektodeutsch ⓓ / ede Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
エクトニホンゴ ⓙ / eja カイシリス・タリーニ チェシディオ・タリーニ
ectoportuguês ⓟ / ept Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
экторусский ⓡ / eru Кайсирис Таллини Чесидио Таллини
ectoespañol ⓢ / esp Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
ngoài tiếng việt ⓥ / evi Kaisíris Tallini Chêsidio Tallini
Català cca Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Oʻzbekcha uuz Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Қазақша kkk Кайсирис Таллини Сесидио Таллини
Türkmençe ttk Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Тоҷикӣ ttg Кайсирис Таллини Сесидио Таллини
Беларуская bbe Кайсірыс Талліні Цэсідыё Талліні
Кыргызча kky Кайсирис Таллини Чесидио Таллини
Монгол mmn Кайсирис Таллини Сесидио Таллини
བོད་ཡིག bbo ཁའི་སིཨའིརིས་ཏལིནའི ཆེསིདིཨོ་ཏལིནའི
Nederlands ddt Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Svenska ssv Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Dansk dda Kaissiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Suomi ffi Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Norsk bokmål nnb Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Íslenska iis Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Gàidhlig ssg Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Cymraeg wwe Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Bahasa Indonesia bbi Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Jawa jjv Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Sunda ssu Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Kreyòl ayisyen hht Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Corsu cco Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Українська uuk Кайсіріс Талліні Чесідіо Талліні
Română rro Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Српски ssr Каисирис Таллини Цесидио Таллини
Հայերեն aam Կայզիրիս Տալլինի Սեսիդիո Տալլինի
ქართველი gge კაისირის ტალლინი სესიდიო ტალლინი
Hrvatski hhr Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Slovenščina ssl Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Magyar hhu Kaissiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Shqip aal Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Македонски mmk Каисирис Таллини Цесидио Таллини
Bosanski bbs Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
አማርኛ aah ካይሲሪስ ታልሊኒ ቼሲዲዮ ታልሊኒ
ቲግሪንያ tti ካይሲሪስ ታልሊኒ ቼሲዲዮ ታልሊኒ
Čeština ccs Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Slovenčina ssk Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Hausa hha Kaisiris Tallini  
Yorùbá yyo Kaisiris Tallini  
Igbo iig Kaisiris Tallini  
Malagasy mmg Kaisiris Tallini  
Kiswahili ssw Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
IsiZulu zzu Kaisiris Tallini  
Ikinyarwanda rrw Kaisiris Tallini  
IsiXhosa xxh Kaisiris Tallini  
Afrikaans aaf Kaiciris Tallini Sesidio Tallini
Vèneto vvt Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Napulitano nnp Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Sicilianu ssc Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Sardu ssd Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Malti mmt Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Ōlelo Hawaiʻi hhw Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Interlingua iia Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Esperanto eeo Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Polski ppl Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Eesti eet Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Lietuvių llt Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Latviešu llv Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Türkçe ttr Kaisiris Tallini Chesidio Tallini
Azərbaycanca aaz Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Kurdî kku Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Български bbg Кайсирис Таллини Чесидио Таллини
Tagalog ttl Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
Cebuano ccb Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
ไทย tth ไคสิริส ทัลลินี เชศรีดิโอ ทัลลินี
Qhichwa qqu Kaisiris Tallini Cesidio Tallini
ᐊᓂᔑᓈᐯᒧᐎᓐ ccw ᑲᐃᓯᕆᔅ ᑕᓪᓕᓂ ᒉᓯᑎᐅ ᑕᓪᓕᓂ
हिंदी hhi काईसिरिस तालिनी चेसिडियो तालिनी
বাংলা bbn কাইসিরিস তালিনি সেসিডিও তালিনি
नेपाली nne कैसिरिस तल्लिनी चेसिडियो ताल्लिनी
తెలుగు tte కైసిరిస్ తల్లిని చేసిడియో తల్లిని
தமிழ் tta கைசிரிஸ் தாலினி செசிடியோ தாலினி
मराठी mmr काईसीरिस तल्लीनी चेसिडियो तल्लीनी
ગુજરાતી ggu કૈસીરીસ તલ્લિની સેસિડિયો તલ્લિની
ಕನ್ನಡ kkn ಕೈಸಿರಿಸ್ ಟಾಲಿನಿ ಸೆಸಿಡಿಯೊ ಟಾಲಿನಿ
മലയാളം mml കൈസിരിസ് തല്ലിനി  
ଓଡିଆ oor କେସିରିସ୍ ତାଲିନି  
ລາວ llo ໄຄຊີຣິສ ທາລິນີ  
অসমীয়া aas কাইচিৰিছ টালিনি  
සිංහල ssi කෛසිරිස් ටල්ලිනි  
ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ppg ਕੈਸੀਰਿਸ ਟੱਲੀਨੀ  
پنجابی pps قیصریس تلینی  
دری ddr قیصریس تالینی  
فارسی ppr کایسیریس تالینی  
عربى aar كايسيريس تاليني سيسيديو تاليني
اردو uur کائیسیرس تاللینی سیسیڈیو تاللینی

Originally named UMMOA or UGV English, it wasn't judged a new language, but as a new English variety, variant, or lect (assessment provided by Melinda Lyons, ISO 639-3 registration authority for SIL International). Since 30.12.2020, UMMOA or UGV English is now called Ectoenglishⓔ, the world's first ectolanguage. Kaisiris has also started to develop other ectolanguages besides Ectoenglishⓔ, ectoitalianoⓘ [Ectoitalian], and ⓞoɔƨooɈɔɘ [Ectooscan].



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Wikis that are not anti-Cesidian[]

Please note that MT Kaisiris Tallini does not recognise any wikis, including the Wikipedia, as respecting rights protected under Cesidian law. This includes micronational wikis which have shown no respect for Kaisiris Tallini over the years, for his work, or for Cesidian law standards. While some micronational wikis merely deny the right of micronationalists to edit the very articles which speak about them, like some kind of non-existent, external authority superior to the natural person him- or herself, other micronational wikis even deny the existence not only of certain micronations, but even of micronationalists with amply documented existences, even birth certificates, showing themselves even more Aristotelian extremophiles than UN members — Aristotelian extremophiles create even more problems than the bias created by politeia (πολιτεία), or extremist political thinking. Here is an example which denies the existence of the natural person named Cesidio Tallini, according to the US and Italian governments. Please note that you need to be logged in to in order to view all Aristotelian extremophile, and dim-witted commentary:

The wikis mentioned below are either respectful of Cesidian law standards, or are edited by Kaisiris Tallini (aka Cesidio Tallini) himself, and thus fully respect Kaisiris Tallini and his religious, legal, linguistic, and holoscientific[11] paradigm, the Cesidian holistic, ethical, and scientific paradigm. Any other wiki source of information concerning Kaisiris Tallini, regardless of language or self-described ectolanguageⓔ, may not be accurate; may not be up-to-date; may be politically or religiously biased; may be written entirely with malicious or defamatory intent; and may not be as authoritative as the sources below, and/or respectful of Cesidian law human rights and legal standards.

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Social[ist] media and search engine notes[]

Note that while MT Kaisiris Tallini does have a Facebook profile, and is also a member of the World Academy of Buddhist Scholars' Facebook group, he neither endorses Facebook, nor recommends the use of Facebook. He also does not recognise Facebook as representing any real natural "community" following or respecting Cesidian law human rights and legal standards. The same applies to virtually all social[ist] media which constantly violate today's entirely fictitious US first amendment "rights".

It should also be noted that MT Kaisiris Tallini does not recommend the search results of any search engine, not just Google, since none of them appear to take into account when web pages or websites have been updated. A wiki which is anti-Cesidian, is a wiki which is also impossible to update, and so it is a poor search engine result. Search engines are also anti-ectopolitan, or biased in favour of corporations and other juridical entities, and generally not sympathetic of natural persons, so they are inherently anti-individualistic, anti-family, and also anti-societal in a true sense.

If you wish to use a search engine like Google, and wish to avoid anti-Cesidian wikis, you are better off searching specifically for words such as "anti-Cesidian", as in the different search engine examples below:

This particular search engine seems a little more attentive concerning Kaisiris Tallini and his work:

The Google search for Kaisiris Tallini in Ectojapanese — カイシリス・タリーニ — yields better, or more comprehensive results:

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  1. Kaisiris Tallini is neither a 'Mister' (Mr), nor a 'Doctor' (Dr). These terms are wholly political or professional terms which states and countries have invented, which in fact treat adult persons as slaves or subjects of states or countries, not as independent and dignity-deserving adults. Kaisiris Tallini is a 'MT', an abbreviation for the Oscan words «Meddíss Túvtiks». The Meddíss Túvtiks — Oscan-Latinish: «Meddix Tuticus»; English: Community Manager — was the name of the supreme magistrate among the Oscan people. The MT was the single magistrate on whom would devolve military command, civil and criminal jurisdiction, functions of political and religious representation, and several other responsibilities, for the MT could also have been a great teacher and healer, besides being a man of religion. Think of a real tribal chieftain or the tribune of a natural society, and you can begin to understand what a 'MT' was. Kaisiris Tallini is also a 'SD', an abbreviation for the Ectoenglish words 'Salubriology Doyen'. An SD in the health field — there are also SDs in the organisational, engineering, education, legal, and religious fields — is a genuine physician, or iatros (ιατρός) in Ectogreek. Kaisiris Tallini considers the appellative 'Mr Tallini' offensive, besides being grossly inaccurate, because it should imply that he is a master of the Tallinis, or of any adult person with a Tallini surname, yet he considers the Tallinis related to him as lower than beasts (reptiles) on the human spiritual scale, or completely vile, vulgar, and plutocratic.
  2. The name 'Cesidio Tallini' has existed since Thursday, 10 May 1962 [S1Ψ26E1962•229], or since his birthdate. It should be noted, however, that the name 'Kaisiris Tallini' has existed only since Tuesday, 3 September 2013 [K2Ψ22J2013•460], when it was registered for the first time through the Paradiplomatic Affairs ectogovernmental organisation (EGO).
  3. Kaisiris Tallini (aka Cesidio Tallini), Fifth World Community Wiki, 3 May 2021.
  4. Kaisiris Tallini (aka Cesidio Tallini), Fifth World Community Wiki, 28 January 2022.
  5. Nota Bene: if there is no link in the Societal links above, you have proof it is not my nation, my tribe, or in Latin, my tribus, or even a part of it; it is not my ethnicity, my confederation, or in Latin, my civis, or even a part of it; it is not my race, my commonwealth, or in Latin, my genus, or even a part of it. Kaisiris Tallini is not into societal-political pseudoscience, so he doesn't recognise fake nations, fake states, fake countries, or even fake human paradigms.
  6. The Pythagorean name 'Cesidio Tallini' has existed since 10 May 1962, the day he was born.
  7. The ectopolitan name 'Kaisiris Tallini' has existed since 3 September 2013, the day the ectonym was registered through the Paradiplomatic Affairs ectoagency.
  8. Kaisiris Tallini became a de facto ectopolitan on the day he disbanded the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA) political party, or on 4 June 2017 [W1Φ25F2017•015].
  9. The Cesidian or ethical revolution, a revolution far greater than the Copernican or scientific revolution (circa March 1543 – 21.12.2019), is a religious, legal, linguistic, and holoscientific revolution. The Cesidian revolution has been active since Saturday, 21 December 2019 [Y2Ρ17N2019], when its major religious component was activated with a major development in critical religious thinking about "unassailable" Christianity "facts" like John's taking Mary in to "live with him"; Jesus' "resurrection" story on the morning of the third Julian calendar day after his death; Jesus' "ascension" to heaven story; the "Pentecost" of the whole "Church", including Mary story, etc. Since the beginning of the Cesidian or ethical revolution (21.12.2019 – Ω), Cesidian spiritual science (Css) has become, in essence, a Cesidian legal, spiritual and theological, salubriological and psychological, linguistic, journalistic and historical, geological, geographic and astronomical, economics, societal and political, ecological and agricultural, informatics, educational and library science, or the world's first holistic, ethical, and scientific paradigm.
  10. Kaisiris Tallini became a de jure ectopolitan on the day the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) cancelled the UMMOA trademark registration (formerly a Collective Membership Mark), or on 2 April 2021 [N1Φ14D2021•712].
  11. The holoscientific term was coined on 3 April 2022 [N1Χ15D2022•065].