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The Leap Game calendar has twelve months that alternate between 30 and 31 days except for the second month: it has one day less unless it is a leap year.

Leap years are decided by The Leap Game.

The months of the year
Month Gingko Bryum (leap) March Pine Magnoli Gnetum Lycoph Anthoce Cycad Fern Chara Chlorophyt
Length 30 30 (31) 30 31 30 31 30 31 30 31 30 31

The month names are inspired by plant phyla.

The Leap Game[]

A clock face with sky background, Sun at 3 o'clock, Soil at 6 o'clock and Water drops at 9 o'clock

The game is played during the month of Chlorophyt.

Players choose one side:

  • the Steady side (also known as boring or conventional)
  • the Leapfrog side (also known as hasty or impulsive)

Each camp uses a clock for the game.

The Steady players move their clock to 00:45 on the first day of the game (a head start). The other days they move their clock forward by 11 minutes and 15 seconds.

The Leapfrog players start their clock at 00:00 but they move their clock forward by 3 hours on the first day of Chlorophyt. Then they wait for the 17th, when they move their clock forward by 1 and half hours. After another 8 days, they move the clock forward by 45 minutes and so forth halving both the wait and the clock advance every time. On the 31st they move the clock forward by 11 minutes and 15 seconds like the Steady players.

On the following year the players clock is set again as it was at the end of Chlorophyt a year before. The beginning of Chlorophyt is a good time to choose a side.

The players that reach or pass the 3 hours mark get a treat on that day (Sun feast treats), same for 6 (Soil feast treats), 9 (Water feast treats) and 12 (Sky feast treats). The cycle repeats at 15, 18, 21 and 24 hours. Sometimes the Leapfrog side gets a treat earlier than the other group, other times it is later.

When the Steady players clock reaches 24 hours it is a "Quilly" day, which should be celebrated. A leap day gets added to the following Bryum.

Leap years[]

The first year of the game is leap, then the next leap year comes after 5 years but most occurrences come after 4 years. Year 2024 is a leap year, the 43rd year of the Leap Game. The Steady camp has their clock on 4:41:15 and the Leapfrog camp has theirs on 4:07:30 before Chlorophyt begins.

The leap year cycle lasts 128 years. There are 31 leap years in one cycle since 128 times 11 minutes 15 seconds is one day, and there are 31 days in Chlorophyt.

The average year length is 365 + 31 / 128 = 365.2421875 days.