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Old Calendar[]

The Lufkan calendar was a lunisolar calendar, which ran on a 649-year cycle with 239 leap months and 126 years leap days. The years with a leap month were called long years and the years with a leap day were called leap years. 236 of the long years were arranged in a 11-year cycle of 4 leap months and the remaining three were arranged irregularly in the 649-year cycle. 118 of the leap years were arranged in the 11-year cycle and the remaining 8 were arranged irregularly in the 649-year cycle.

New Calendar[]

Later the this calendar was replaced with a totally different calendar which was a lunar calendar and grouped months into fives, which came in a large number of different varieties. It followed a 245-month cycle in which 115 months had 29 days and 130 had 30 days, giving a mean month of 29.530612 days.

Also there is a solar calendar where each year has 365, but an leap day is added every 5th year, second leap day is added to every 25th year, a third leap day is added to every 625th year and a fourth leap day is added to every 3125th year, so giving a mean year of exactly 365.24192 days.

The lunar month that contains the solar new year is defined as the first month of a lunisolar year.


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