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Many calendar reform proposals share some concepts, but may use different or ambiguous terms. This page tries to list some neologisms. These may be disambiguating attributes or new words coined from other languages, acronyms and abbreviations, contractions and portmanteaus, astronomic or astrologic features etc.pp. They should not be based upon names of beings, people, places etc.

Month types[]

Term for a single type of month of 28 days, i.e. 4 weeks exactly, most often used in 13-month leap week calendars:

  • moon
  • ted, Ted, TED – Twenty-Eight Days
  • week-month, wonth, wenth
  • double-fortnight
  • period
Terms for months of either 4 or 5 weeks, i.e. 28 or 35 days each, as used in Sym454
Common Shorter one Longer one
week-month short week-month long week-month
wonth short wonth long wonth
wenth short wenth long wenth
short month long month
Terms for months of either 30 or 31 days each (i.e. no 28/29-day February), as used in Sym010
Common Shorter one Longer one
month  short month long month
regular month
symmetry month
  • onset/coda months
  • margin month, manth
  • outer month , o-month
  • middle month, minth
  • medial month, medith
  • nucleus month, nuth
  • inner month, i-month
alternating month odd month even month
alternating month even month odd month
Terms for (lunar) months of either 29 or 30 days each:
Common Shorter one Longer one
moon short moon long moon
moonth short moonth long moonth
lunar month hollow month full month
period odd period even period

Common term for mean or fiscal months of exactly either 28, 30 or 30.5 days each, which – unlike the above – may start and end at any date:

  • mean month, menth
  • fiscal month, finth

Specific term for 4 weeks:

Specific term for 30 days:

  • thirday

Specific term for 30½ days:

  • hosod, Hosod, HoSOD, HOSOD (Half Of Sixty-One Days)

Month names[]

Week types[]

5-day week

  • pentad(e)

6-day week

  • hexad(e)

8-day week

  • octav(e)

9-day week

  • nonad(e)

10-day week

  • decad(e)

Day types[]

Day of the week

  • dow
  • weekday

​Work day (e.g. Mon–Sat)

  • weekday

Non-weekend day (e.g. Mon–Fri)

  • weekday

24-hour period