In the Nepturan Gregorian Calendar, every date is fixed within 7 weekdays every year without changes by adding one new, solitary weekday every year and another new weekday in leap years, both at the end of the second month. New weekdays will be named from New Planets Uranus and Neptune. These weekdays will change the calendar into a perennial one. The new weekdays are added at the end of the second month, i.e. February. Uranday is assigned to Feb 28 and, in leap years, Nepday is assigned to Feb 29. After applying these rules, the calendar year will always start on Sunday, 1 January. Christmas falls on Sunday which is the same weekday as Easter. Several weekday-based festivals are fixed. Easter dates will be one of the following dates: Mar 27, Apr 3, 10, 17 and 24.

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