Calendar Wiki

The New Universal Calendar (NUCAL) by Antumi Toasijé is a 13-month calendar with an extra day outside the week cycle.

Weeks start Monday, but the days of the week have been renamed based on the continents:

  1. Africa
  2. Asia
  3. Europe
  4. North America
  5. South America
  6. Australia
  7. Antarctica

Additionally, the first day of each month is deemed a holiday.

Months are named after basic human rights:

  1. Month of Equality and Impartiality
  2. Month of Freedom and Democracy
  3. Month of Life and Nature
  4. Month of Education and Knowledge
  5. Month of Integrity and Health
  6. Month of Justice and Redistribution
  7. Month of Migrations and Travels
  8. Month of Welfare and Progress
  9. Month of Identities and Diversity
  10. Month of Family and Fraternity
  11. Month of Work and Entrepreneurship
  12. Month of Ideals and Beliefs
  13. Month of Peace and Secuirty

At the end of the year there are one or two Year's Days, also holidays.

Years are counted in eras: the Era of Mankind (EM) starting in 1,000,001 BCE, the Era of Sapiens (ES) Starting in 100,001 BCE and the Era of History (EH) starting in 10,001 BCE, so for AD or CE years there simply is a 1 prepended, as in the Holocene calendar.

The first day of the year is the Northern winter solstice, so moved up ten days, and the start of the day is considered at 06:00 of that day.