Calendar Wiki

The New Calendar or Newcal for short is proposed calendar reform by Tantek Çelik, designed in 2008. The solar year is divided into 12 months of 6 weeks of 5 days each, i.e. every month has 30 days. Two consecutive months are grouped together as a Bimonth or bim and between two bims there is an extra Sunday outside the week-cycle and also one after the last bim in leap years.

The New Calendar is intended to be compatible with ISO 8601 and its date notation format is YYYY-B-DD with B being the ordinal bim number, 1–6, and DD being the day of the bim, 01–61, i.e. including the inter-month day at the end.

New days of the week
1 (New) Monday ~mono
2 (New) Tuesday ~twos
3 (New) Wednesday
4 (New) Friday ~f(our)
5 (New) Saturday