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The Nuonics Neocomputus System is an experimental polycalendric system based on Heliocentric planetary orbits. It is an attempt to explore the limits of what a calendar is capable of doing.

The designer has made the observation that calendars effect temporal perception. Calendar reform attempts typically attempt to challenge dominant temporal systems. They are rarely, if ever successful, due to the nature of established calendars, which are usually not questioned by the majority of their participants.

The NNS was designed to alter temporal perceptions, but not to directly challenge dominant calendars. It is therefore a private, supplementary system whose purpose is to open new horizons in terms of the understanding of time. If this eventually results in changes to dominant calendrical systems, it will not be through direct challenge, but rather through raising new questions which calendricists will have to answer.

The designer predicts that the coming centuries will experience an enlargement of temporal understanding, and thus a multitude of new calendars. The designer believes that the future is polycalendric.

Time Space Synesthesia[]

Time Space Synesthesia is also known as Calendar Synesthesia, or Spatial-Sequence Synesthesia. This modality of consciousness is now being recognized in some of the population. Briefly, it is an ability to "see" calendars in the mind's eye. While the following system was composed largely without the designer considering themselves to have TSS, it seems fairly likely now that this is the case. TSS may explain why some people feel a necessity to explore, expand upon, or change the frame of time to suit aesthetic preferences. The designer has interviewed several other calendar makers, and noticed comparable abilities. The hypothesis is that TSS abilities are partially behind efforts at calendar design and redesign, and this realization should have some impact on how we go about doing this activity.