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"Pasang" is a word for tide in Indonesia, and for ripple or wave in Korea. "Marea" means tide in Italian, similar to other latin languages.

The Pasang Marea calendar divides the year in 25 neaps (paksha in Sanskrit), which is between 14 and 15 days and represents the time between two major (spring) tides. It relates to the phases of the moon.

Neap name and length[]

Neaps are named after sea gods in various cultures.

List of neaps
Neap Neap name Length Deity Mythological origin
1 Nu 15 Nu/Nun Egyptian personification of the primordial waters
2 Danu 14 Dewi Danu Balinese Hindu goddess of water
3 Mazu 15 Mazu Chinese goddess of the sea and protector of seafarers
4 Neptu 15 Poseidon/Neptune Olympian god of the sea
5 Namu 15 Nammu Sumerian goddess of the primeval sea
6 Egi 14 Ægir Ancient Germanic personification of the sea
7 Amansi 15 Amansinaya Tagalog goddess of fishermen
8 Ebi 15 Ebisu Japanese god of fortunes and fishery
9 Yami 15 Yam Canaanite god of the sea
10 Velli 14 Vellamo Finnish goddess of the sea, lakes and storms
11 Kimba 15 Kimbazi Bantu goddess of sea storms
12 Kiwa 15 Kiwa A Maori guardian of the seas
13 Varua 15 Varuna Hindu god of the ocean, rains and water
14 Sedna 14 Sedna Inuit goddess of the sea
15 Ligna 15 Alignak Inuit lunar deity and god of tides
16 Ikate 15 Ikatere Maori fish god, father of all the sea creatures
17 Sedse 15 Sedsed Aeta god of the sea
18 Ague 14 Agwé/Goue Haitian loa of the sea, fish and aquatic plants
19 Oke 15 Oceanus Titan god of the Okeanos river in Ancient Greece
20 Noede 15 Nodens Celtic god of the sea, of healing and hunting
21 Yemo 15 Yemoja Yoruba orisha of the sea waves, metaphysical mother of all the Orishas
22 Bsompo 14 Bosompo Akan primordial embodiment of the oceans
23 Kuko 15 Kukulcan Mayan god of seas and storms
24 Cao 15 (14) Cá Ông Vietnamese god that helps the ships
25 Aro 15 Aruna Hittite god of the sea

A note about English pronunciation:

  • neaps ending in "u" are told with a short "oo" (flu)
  • neaps ending in "i" are told with a short "ee" (mini)
  • neaps ending in "a" are told with an open "ah" (panda)
  • neaps ending in "e" are told with an open "eh" (karate)
  • neaps ending in "o" are told with a full "oh" (piano)

There are six 14-day neaps: Danu, Egi, Velli, Sedna, Ague and Bsompo. There are also rare events when Cao is a 14-day neap, as discussed in the next section.

Leap year[]

Every four years, the neap of Aro is skipped. That matches leap years in the Gregorian calendar.

When a leap year is skipped in the Gregorian calendar (turn of the century when year is not multiple of 400), it is still a leap year in the Pasang Marea calendar with one neap missed and additionally the preceding neap loses one day: Cao has 14 instead of 15 days.

The leap year rule synchronises the two calendars after one year, so the Pasang Marea and the Gregorian calendar begin on the same day on the second year after a leap year. For example, a new Pasang Marea year starts on 1 January 2026.

With leap years the average length of a neap is:


It is close to half the average time between two new moons which is 14.7653 days, but there is a drift of one day every 5 years.