Calendar Wiki

The Rainbow Calendar Perpetual was invented in Ukraine in 1995 by Masanov Konstantin Anatolievich (another spelling Mazanov). The original site where it was introduced was It is a simple device. Knowing the color of the year, one should find correspondingly to this color a stripe and on this stripe the month with the days which you need. The calendar does not need any mathematical calculations and is a quick way to find out information. It is produced and sold through internet in PDF formats for internet money or by means of bank transfer.

The Characteristic feature of this calendar is the 29th of February. If it exists, then the year has two colors: first color goes with the months up to February 29, and the second color goes with the months after February 29. So, it is easy to understand that, if there is only one color in the year, then this year does not have a February 29, and all months have only one color.

Changes of color are successive as in a rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, violet. So, the very simple rule operates: the next year - the next colour. 2009 is green, 2010 is light blue, 2011 is dark blue, 2012 is violet till February 29 and red after.

Copyright by Masanov Konstantin Anatolievich with permission to discuss it in mass media and scientific circles freely without negotiations. The author wants to communicate with scientific world, be invited to conferences on a free of charge basis and maintain worldwide thinking community.