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The Riparian calendar is a 13-month calendar system where the first day of each year coincides with March 1 in the Gregorian calendar. Each month has 28 days (4 weeks of 7 days) except for Ultimus, which has 29 days, or 30 days in a leap year.


The months of the Riparian calendar are named as follows (with the meaning of the name where possible):

Riparian name Meaning First day of month in Gregorian calendar
Ryo* Japanese for "Dragon" 1 March
April etymolog] uncertain 29 March
May Named after Maia, a goddess of spring and fertility 26 April
June Named after Juno, a mother goddess 24 May
Quintil "fifth" Named after Roman month Quintilis 21 June
Sextil "sixth" Name after Roman month Sextilis 19 July
September "seventh" 16 August
October "eighth" 13 September
November "ninth" 11 October
December "tenth" 8 November
Undecimber "eleventh" 6 December
February From the Latin februltus, "a righting of wrongs." 3 January
Ultimus "last" 31 January
*May also be called 'Rio' (Spanish for "river")

The week[]

Other calendars have been proposed with 13 months of 4 weeks each, but such proposals usually include taking the extra one or two days away from the seven-day week, for greater regularity. These proposals are unacceptable to religious people for whom the seven-day cycle is the basis for sacred religious obligations.

The Riparian calendar eliminates this problem by allowing the day of week that all months of the year begin to vary from year to year. This day of week is the day after Doomsday for the Gregorian year within which the Riparian year begins.

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