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Saint René Descartes University (StRDU) was originally founded as an accredited seminary college of the Cesidian Church. After its late historical phase (16.12.2015 – 08.07.2020), the Cesidian Church has ceased to exist, but the more multidisciplinary Saint René Descartes University has continued its existence.

The Cesidian educational institution is has been granted permanent status as a consultative organisation accredited to the Organization of Emerging African States (OEAS), and in April 2013 the university's recommended Candidate, and his Scholar's Degree (SD), now the university's unique and quasi-terminal degree, were accepted by the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

Besides the seminary college, Saint René Descartes University also has a law school, the Centre for Cesidian Law, and a health school, the Salubriology School.

Saint René Descartes University, named after French philosopher, mathematician, scientist, and writer René Descartes, has nothing to do with France. The intellectual forerunner of analytic theology, a new multidisciplinary calculus, Saint René Descartes is not a saint celebrated in any Christian church inside or outside of France at present, and his works were actually ordered to be destroyed by Dutch Calvinist magistrates, and seven of his books were also placed on the Index Librorum Prohibitorum (List of Prohibited Books) by the Roman Catholic church.

Saint René Descartes University has held courses in the past in Italian, and in Florence, Italy through a partnership with the "Scuola Montedoglio" (Centro Studi Filosofici della Scuola Neoesistenzialista di Montedoglio of Saint René Descartes University), and its special terminal degree, the Scholar's Degree (SD), has been accepted by an African university on par with a Legum Doctor or LLD, and even the Norwegian Nobel Committee (Den norske Nobelkomité) welcomed the unique quasi-terminal degree, and honoured its bearer, just as it would welcome a prestigious Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Now university also may award a degree more advanced than the PhD, the Cosmopolitan's Degree.

Saint René Descartes University today is primarily a research institution, conducting research in all the areas of Cesidian spiritual science (Css): law, spirituality and theology, salubriology and psychology, linguistics, journalism and history, geology, geography and astronomy, and societal-political, ecological, and agricultural science.


On 28 November 2007, the Cesidian Church beatified René Descartes, and issued a "Saint René Descartes Declaration" urging support for his canonisation. In response, several persons from various walks of life and different denominations, even an atheist, have signed the petition in favour of Descartes' canonisation, and together with the bishop of the Cesidian Church, two bishops and one archbishop have expressed their favour for Descartes' sainthood. Saint René Descartes was consecrated the First Saint of the Cesidian Church on 13 December 2007.

Saint René Descartes University was the university and seminary school the Cesidian Church started in honour of its first saint (a Homomessianic saint), and in order to continue his method and wisdom. It was founded even prior to the beatification or consecration of René Descartes, on 24 November 2007. The Cesidian Church (17.11.2001 – 08.07.2020) was later superseded by the more diverse religious, therapeutic, and spiritual services of the Cesidian Network (24.03.2020 – ), a high spirituality organisation.

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