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Fixed Terran Numbers used on the Sentinel Calendar.

The Sentinel Calendar (also referred to as the Fixed Terran Calendar) is similar to other proposals in that it also contains 364 days and 13 months a year; 28 days a month; 7 days a week; and a leap week occuring every 6 years and again on the 50th year (11 leap weeks every 62 years). The start date for this calendar will be on March 20, 2011, with the leap week added to the end of the seventh month (Days 29-35).

Distinctive features[]

What separates the Sentinel Calendar from other similar calendars is:

  • The names of the months are based on "Lessons" that are taught in every culture and found throughout ancient and modern literature, including various religious texts. This allows any nation/culture to translate the names into their own language, as opposed to the names of deities that were imposed upon the world by the Roman/Gregorian system. In addition, a proposed "Month Name" is suggested as an alternative to using the names of the lessons (see chart below), with the names originating from different cultures/countries around the globe.
  • The names of the days of the week are changed to reflect human activities, tracing back to our agricultural roots. Like the names of the month, these names can be translated into any culture or country's native language.
  • The number system used for determining the days, weeks, months, and years use a base 12 as opposed to a base 10 system, which would lead to 264 days a year, 24 days a month, 44 weeks a year, and 11 months a year.
  • A new positional numeric system is used as opposed to the currently used Indo-Arabic numerals. The system is based on the use of two symbols that are rotated clockwise into six positions to represent the numbers 0-11 (See image above).

Names of the months[]

The names of the months in the calendar correspond with another project called The God Matrix. The table below shows the relationship between the lessons in the God Matrix and the names on the Sentinel Calendar. Also included are the definitions of the name and their cultural origins, its relation to one of the four Primative Elements, and the name's gender.

Calendar Month Names
No. Lesson Month Name Meaning Origin Element Gender
1 Faith Tomas Pessimism & zealous faith Aramaic / Spanish Water Male
2 Reason Hugh Soul, Mind, & Intellect Old German Fire Male
3 Hope Ashia Life & Hope Arabic Water Female
4 Reflection Arabela Prayerful Latin Fire Female
5 Love Amadea God's Love Latin Water Female
6 Illumination Jomei Spread Light Japan Fire Male
7 Wisdom Sophia Wisdom Greek Air Female
8 Courage Cheyenne Courage in Battle Native American Earth Female
9 Understanding Olivia Peace Latin Air Female
10 Discipline Cosmos Order Italian / Greek Earth Male
11 Knowledge Gyan Knowledge Sanskirt / Hindi Air Male
12 Strength Gabriel Hero of God Hebrew Earth Male
13 Nurture Eden Delight / Paradise Hebrew NA M or F

As mentioned earlier, the start date for this calendar is March 20, 2011 (Gregorian) | Tomas 1, 1 (Sentinel).

Days of the week[]

The days of the week and its corrsponding date in the Gregorian system are as follows:

Sentinel days of the week
Sentinel English Spanish
Plan Sunday Domingo
Work Monday Lunes
Sow Tuesday Martes
Observe Wednesday Miercoles
Reap Thursday Jueves
Enjoy Friday Viernes
Rest Saturday Sabado

Since a base 12 system is used for the numbers in the days of the month, the following system has been devised to name the days:

Sentinel month
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Plan Work Sow Obsv Reap Enjoy Rest
1 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
2 08 09 0D 0Z 10 11 12
3 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
4 1D 1Z 20 21 22 23 24
Leap *25 *26 *27 *28 *29 *2D *2Z