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As we travel around the sun we go with and against the rotation of the sun around the Galaxy. This lets the earth travel though time.

The Earth travels a day and a quarter out of time. This happens but does not happen because of the Earths orbit, but we did travel forward in time so we have to sit around and let time catch back up. This is why there is a leap day on the bad calendar. Once a year a month after Summer solstice. Then again every 4 years a month after winter solstice.

How the clock works The Snake goes around once every 24000 years. 1 min = 400 years. The month hand goes around once too. It stays to the outside. 12.5 months with 30 days between each one. 366 days a year.The hour hand goes around twice 12 hours of light 12 hours of dark.

60 min in a hour and 60 seconds in a minute.Standard 24 hour clock has 1440 minutes a day. The bad 26 hour clock has 1352 (please note simplicity of numbers)They are 88 minutes apart + the second offset. On The bad clock a microsecond is to one second as one second is 13 days.The seconds on the 26 hour clock is slightly slower than the 24 hour.  The 13 days actually fit into time and keeps the same numbers.

On the standard 24 hour clock.  One microsecond is to one second as one second is to 11,574 millidays. On the 26 hour clock. One microsecond is to one second as one second is to 13 days.  No decimals. Exactly 13 days. Numbers are perfect.  It is perfect time. From 26,000 years to the seconds. No clock can do this but mine.

PERFECT TIME...There is no standard to seconds. It is made up to fit into the 24 hour time. The 24 hour clock seconds are made up to fit into the 24 hour clock.  There is nothing to back it.  11.574 days. Does not even run into the 24 or 60. Perfection!! How hard is it to tell they custom made it to fit. The standard is great!

The 26 hour clock equals to the same amount as the 24 hour clock. The seconds is slower giving back the 88 minutes. I am just putting standards on time so it actually works together without making up numbers.

The Sun is the 13 sign that nobody could figure out. The snake is the 13 sign on my clock. It gives perfect position in our galaxy.

This also changes Pi to 22/7 3.142857142857142857 ..... times summer solstice Gives us 364 days. WRONG!!

3.141592 times summer solstice is 365.25. They made it to fit Gregorian time. This Pi is Perfect!!!