Calendar Wiki

My Wikia history[]

My first encounter with wiki editing was on Wikipedia about 2003. I did a lot of edits there, and I still do some editing there; you can see my user page on Wikipedia for a more detailed description of myself.

More recently, however, I have grown tired of the direction which Wikipedia has taken, with endless disputes over notability and whether a source is reliable. More and more I have turned to the specialized encyclopedias on Wikia as a way to avoid these disputes.

I currently am an administrator of six wikis on Wikia:

  1. Radio-TV Broadcast History, which I founded in January 2006,
  2. Metro Wiki, which I adopted around the end of that same year,
  3. WikiCheese, on which I was given administrator status after a short time, but adopted only recently in November 2011,
  4. Sausage Wiki, which I adopted in December 2011, and
  5. Units of Measurement Wiki, which I adopted on Feb. 28, 2012.
  6. This Wiki, Calendar Wiki, which I adopted most recently, on Mar. 8, 2012.

There are also a few additional wikis I contribute to:

  1. Armchair GM, which I was much more involved with when it first began, but still occasionally visit,
  2. Currency Wiki, which I'm only now beginning to get involved with, and
  3. WikiTea, which besides the six I am an administrator on, gets most of my attention.