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I place the format and Rules, that may or may not need modifying: My Profile is based on my 40-year contribution, since 1970-71: I claim to have developed the DIVIDE six(6) plan like the Leap Day (Feb 29) Rule to insert a Leap Week *plus a few Keplers Leap Week, as per cycle plan* as: The format has 4 equal QUARTERS, each of 91-days (13 weeks) with A World Peace Day of "Year XXXX" between last day - December 30th (Sunday) and before start of next year January 01 (Monday). July 31 is REMOVED and shifted as February 29th (all years). Leap Sunday is placed between June 30th (Sunday) and July 01st (Monday), like the Leap Day Rule but modified from div.4/skip 100th/count 400th-years to DIVIDE 4/skip 128th-years, to better Mean Year value = 365.2421875 days. This can also be achieved as suggested above, using 896-years/159 Leap Weeks (11082 lunation - 326918 tithi, of duration 1.00103690881356 day). This approximates 966/965 day and 19-years:(5*47)=235 lunar months.

Brij Bhushan Vij


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Just a quick note, in case you missed the site notice last week. The Lifestyle category, which includes the wiki you are an admin for, is among the first to test out our new look (read more about the new look)!

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Are you still involved with this wiki?[]

You seem to be the only admin, and you haven't been editing on this wiki for several months. Are you still involved? Is anyone looking after it? -- BruceG 14:31, February 14, 2012 (UTC)

PD or not?[]

feb 4. 2007, 13:39 (+61)‎ . . N File:Newearthcalsmall.JPG(The New Earth Calendar.)

You added this image with the licens:

This file has been released into the public domain by the copyright holder, its copyright has expired, or it is ineligible for copyright. This applies worldwide.

But the image shows clearly: "(c) All rights reserved"

Can you tell me why you release this image on the internet under a "Public Domain" license?

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